Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump UNESCO World Heritage Site near Fort Macleod, Alberta
and Lundbreck Falls near Lundbreck, Alberta
(September 04, 2016)

Name: head-smashed-in-008-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-137-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-001-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-008-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-012-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-024-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-035-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-047-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-053-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-058-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-059-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-060-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-069-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-070-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-071-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-075-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-078-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-087-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-092-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-107-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-136-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-137-20160904

Name: head-smashed-in-148-20160904



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